Saturday, June 28, 2014

Need for Speed World Money And Boost Hack Review

Today I'm going to review the Need for Speed World Money And Boost Hack from the following website -

The Need for Speed World Money Hack

By viewing this video:

 It seems that it works great and there shouldn't be any problems with the Need for Speed World Money Hack what so ever.
So I told to my self what the hack and downloaded it from their website.

This is how it looks like when downloaded.

 Doesn't look much, but why not to try it.

What did I do to Launch NFS World Money Hack?

So I selected the GameLauncher.exe and clicked "Launch game!"
Logged in my account and the game started. Went out of the garage to take a quick test drive with the old car and went back to my garage. 
I pressed F5 as instructed in the hack and as shown in the video (I did it in the garage) 
At first nothing happened, but I went out of the garage again to drive a little bit and came back to my garage and what do you know - It really had worked. 
I got $100'000 more to my accounts money. 

The Conclusion

Works great, maybe a little slow, but who cares, it works!

Need for Speed World Boost Hack

As soon as I saw that NFS World Money Hack works I went straight back to the website and downloaded Need for Speed World Boost Hack

Here is the video showing the hack in action.

This is the actual hack you get:

I followed the instructions shown on the hack itself and launched the game.
As in the previous money hack it takes some time before the hacked amount shows, sometimes even 4 minutes in. But I don't blame the hack itself. Maybe it's my internet speed or the servers lag or something else. But I don't care as long as the hack works.

The conclusion:

  1. Both hacks work,
  2. Doesn't require log in information,
  3. Simple to use,
  4. My account is still working (NOT BANNED),
  5. Use the hacks as much as you want.


  1. The visuals of the hack doesn't look good,
  2. Sometimes takes long time to see hacked amount.
In other words - Go try it for yourself!

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