Thursday, December 17, 2015

What to get for Christmas

Again it's this time of the year when we all have to buy gifts for our loved ones, but it's always tough to know what exactly to buy for them.
This year I too had a hard time to think of a new presents for my family and kids. For kids it was actually easier than rest of the family.

So what did I actually buy for them?

Well, for my kids I bought remote control cars, different for each. I did search for these RC toys on internet and found a great website that explained best remote control cars for kids available on amazon. I bought the Maisto RC Rock Crawler and the Jurassic World Jeep.
Both of these cars haven't came yet, but they should be here in a few days(within this weekend)

And for my husband I bought a gasoline remote control car again from review. I know he will love because he is a petrol head and was an rc addict when was younger. (this will surely get him back in the hobby)

So if you don't know what to buy for your kids, friends or husbands I recommend something from Remote Control department. You can't go wrong with those gifts.

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