Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Just bought a Vacuum Generator

I wanted to share that I just received the vacuum ejector that I bought from amazon via best of vacuum ejector guide made by for my cnc machine.

Vacuum Ejectors

I'm pretty happy with the vacuum ejector considering it's size and the amount it costs. It's so easy to hold sheets of material to the cnc milling machines table without using some sort of clamp fixturing.

Just one click of a button and whussh and the part is held down neatly. Of course you'll need compressed air to operate this thing, but every workshop needs to have an air compressor.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

What to get for Christmas

Again it's this time of the year when we all have to buy gifts for our loved ones, but it's always tough to know what exactly to buy for them.
This year I too had a hard time to think of a new presents for my family and kids. For kids it was actually easier than rest of the family.

So what did I actually buy for them?

Well, for my kids I bought remote control cars, different for each. I did search for these RC toys on internet and found a great website that explained best remote control cars for kids available on amazon. I bought the Maisto RC Rock Crawler and the Jurassic World Jeep.
Both of these cars haven't came yet, but they should be here in a few days(within this weekend)

And for my husband I bought a gasoline remote control car again from review. I know he will love because he is a petrol head and was an rc addict when was younger. (this will surely get him back in the hobby)

So if you don't know what to buy for your kids, friends or husbands I recommend something from Remote Control department. You can't go wrong with those gifts.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Discover the Smart Way to Whiten Your Teeth with a Teeth Whitening Gel

Does the thought of having yellowish teeth for the rest of your life scare you?
It definitely should. And that is why you need to start using teeth whitening gels on a regular basis.
What is a teeth whitening gel?
It is a form of whitening treatment that gets rid of the stains in the teeth’s surface and bleaching it to bring back the white shade of your pearly whites. A lot of people use this to bring back the brightness in their smiles.
If you're really interested in How to get rid of white spots on teeth then click on the link and find out the best tricks on how to whiten your teeth!
There are actually many teeth whitening products available in the market today. There’s a lot for you to choose from. This means it will be very easy to reverse teeth discoloration.
You can go to the dentist and have professional teeth whitening procedures done, which can be very costly; others would use whitening strips, while some people would switch to whitening toothpastes.
Whitening gels are actually the smarter way to lighten your teeth’s shade.
Brushing at least twice a day will not cut it. It will simply remove the food particles in your teeth, which prevents further staining. But what about the stain that’s already there? A toothbrush won’t be powerful enough to get rid of it.
What you need is a potent agent that can strip off the stains in your teeth. Peroxide is one powerful bleaching agent that can do the job. This ingredient is actually found on whitening gels.
It is better to use this because whitening gels will be in contact with your teeth for long periods of time. These whitening kits come with trays where you need to put the gel. You then bite into it and leave it on for a few hours.
Because you are biting into the gel, the active ingredients will be able to work more efficiently inside your mouth. Carbamide peroxide, the active ingredient on gels, will break down and oxidizes the stains on the teeth, stripping them away.

If you’re someone who’s struggling with teeth discoloration but don’t have enough money for professional whitening procedures, using a teeth whitening gel will be the best option for you.

It’s more practical this way. You don’t have to waste money on treatments you can’t afford.
Another thing you need to know about this whitening treatment is that even dentists use whitening gels for their treatments. So if this is something even professionals use, why pay more when you can simply get one from the nearest drugstore and do the procedure yourself?
It’s easy to whiten your teeth at home, as you have seen, with the help of teeth whitening gels. It’s not complicated at all. As a matter of fact, you can do it while watching television or before you get to bed.
Remember, having discolored teeth is humiliating and you should do whatever it takes to get rid of them and bring back the brightness in your pearly whites. But this doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money especially when there are better and more affordable alternatives.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Crew Hack

Hello my fellow readers.

I just found working online hacks for the game The Crew.
If you play The Crew you probably know that this game is fairly new and is one of most anticipated games of 2014. It was released on 2014 december and is for online only.

That means you need to have an internet conenction to play the crew.
Sorry, there isn't a torrent download for this game because it's online and can't be cracked.

But what's interesting that I found a new website dedicated for hacking this beautiful game.

The website is named The Crew Hacks and you can visit it by clicking on the link.

It currently has three working hacks.
A money hack, cd key generator and crew credits hack.

I must say I'm very impressed as I have tried the credits hack and it worked for me. Finally I will by all the perk points and all of the sweet cars.

Go check it out. It's interesting!

Sunday, January 11, 2015


I'm a proud owner of the HPI SAVAGE XL OCTANE. Thanks to HPI SAVAGE XL OCTANE Review website I'll now get on my neighbor nerves because of this beast. I've already broke it in so now it's full throttle everywhere.

Look what has finally hit our workbench! The HPI Savage Octane 1/8-scale gas powered Monster Truck is hitting hobby shop shelves as you read this and of course, we’re going to take a closer look at what this highly anticipated release has to offer.
First up, the box is big, heavy and detailed with HPI’s cool graphics and features callouts all over the sides. You should have no problem hunting this down at your local hobby shop, that is, if they have any left. We popped the box top and found the truck well-packed; not like it really mattered, because it was just a few hours away from getting thrashed outdoors. Also in the box, besides the built and decaled truck, is the 2.4GHz TF-20 radio with “AA” batteries, some tools, a parts bag and 2-stroke oil. The 5-cell packs for the receiver and ignition with charger are also included. All you need to pick up, besides this kit, is a fuel container and gasoline.
The first thing that will grab your attention is the GT15C  2.7hp 15cc engine. It’s huge. No really, it looks massive even in this XL based 1/8-scale truck. It takes up a large portion of the bed of the GTXL body and the pipe on the side will make you a grin. Just sitting here, this truck is a showpiece that people will want to talk about. Other cool features are the signature HPI graphics, engine cage, forward 300cc fuel tank, Terra-Pin tires and lots of anodized aluminum. But enough with the chit-chat, lets look at some detailed photos with our thoughts.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Realm of the Mad God – The Importance

Realm of the Mad God – The Importance

Many high end games have managed to become exceptionally famous recently due to the fact that a massive amount of people from all over the world are immensely fond of online multi-player games. One game as such is Realm of the Mad God. With its exclusive graphics and top notch characters, it has not only managed to become one of the most addictive multi-player games of all times but it has also earned the respect of the gaming critics from all over the world. For the purpose of moving ahead in the game swiftly and without facing any obstacles in the matter, hacks are to be used. RotMG Hack review sheds light on the importance of using hacks in the game and how that has allowed players from various regions of the world to become top players ever.
While many people are not in the favor of using hacks, they need to know the benefits these hacks offer in order to see what really is best. One of the most prominent benefits of using the hacks for Realm of the Mad God is the fact that they work appropriately with all Windows. This means that no matter which Window a player is using, whether it is old or new, the hacks can be easily used with all of them since they have proper compatibility which tends to make it easy for players to benefit from them at all times. The RotMG Hack review reveals how the cheats are suitable to use with all Windows, giving the players the much needed convenience always.
There are different kinds of hacks and in Realm of the Mad God, the Gold, Health Points and Mana hack exist. These hacks are not only different in their own way but they are also highly effective while playing the game. The health point hack, also known as the HP hack, allows players to have unlimited health points throughout the game; whereas, the Mana Power hack, also known as the MP hack, gives players the ability to have unlimited Mana. The Gold hack gives the players with a massive amount of unlimited supply of Gold. As stated by the RotMG Hack review, all of these hacks give the players in the game the ability to become one of the highest scorers of all time.
For players who are not aware, the RotMG hack review has highlighted how these hacks are available online to download for free. Such a tremendous opportunity surely must not be missed out by Realm of the Mad God players since it is a golden one. These hacks are also suitable with all browsers online and are also said to be exceptionally effective while playing the game. Moreover, they tend to stay hidden throughout the entire game as they have been designed to remain that way for the convenience of the players. As per the RotMG Hack review, there is nothing to worry about for the players of Realm of the Mad God since the highly anticipated cheats have now been introduced in order to help them take the game experience to a whole new level.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Need for Speed World Money And Boost Hack Review

Today I'm going to review the Need for Speed World Money And Boost Hack from the following website -

The Need for Speed World Money Hack

By viewing this video:

 It seems that it works great and there shouldn't be any problems with the Need for Speed World Money Hack what so ever.
So I told to my self what the hack and downloaded it from their website.

This is how it looks like when downloaded.

 Doesn't look much, but why not to try it.

What did I do to Launch NFS World Money Hack?

So I selected the GameLauncher.exe and clicked "Launch game!"
Logged in my account and the game started. Went out of the garage to take a quick test drive with the old car and went back to my garage. 
I pressed F5 as instructed in the hack and as shown in the video (I did it in the garage) 
At first nothing happened, but I went out of the garage again to drive a little bit and came back to my garage and what do you know - It really had worked. 
I got $100'000 more to my accounts money. 

The Conclusion

Works great, maybe a little slow, but who cares, it works!

Need for Speed World Boost Hack

As soon as I saw that NFS World Money Hack works I went straight back to the website and downloaded Need for Speed World Boost Hack

Here is the video showing the hack in action.

This is the actual hack you get:

I followed the instructions shown on the hack itself and launched the game.
As in the previous money hack it takes some time before the hacked amount shows, sometimes even 4 minutes in. But I don't blame the hack itself. Maybe it's my internet speed or the servers lag or something else. But I don't care as long as the hack works.

The conclusion:

  1. Both hacks work,
  2. Doesn't require log in information,
  3. Simple to use,
  4. My account is still working (NOT BANNED),
  5. Use the hacks as much as you want.


  1. The visuals of the hack doesn't look good,
  2. Sometimes takes long time to see hacked amount.
In other words - Go try it for yourself!